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Two Years After 3.11

March 2, 2013

Sunday March 10, 2013
from 2 pm to 4 pm
232 Bedford Avenue (bet.N.4th and N.5th St) , Williamsburg
on Bedford Avenue side, between N.12th St. and Lorimer St.
*Please bring a small blanket or wear an extra layer to stay warm*

It has been almost two years since the great earthquake and tsunami struck Japan.
Tsuru Project will gather again at on Sunday March 10 to make origami crane to send our prayers to Japan.
Please come join us to make tsuru for the second anniversary memorial for Japan.
We also would like to send our gratitude to everyone who has supported Japan from New York and all over the world.

Tsuru Project

(On March 20, 2011 – 9 days after earthquake. This was our start for Tsuru Project.)

(On March 11, 2012 – one year after earthquake. Many of our friends and families came by and made origami tsuru together.)

Thank you

June 5, 2012

How are you?

We have been a bit busy planning for some event in fall season.

We have finally scanned the messages written by people who joined us on March 11th this year.
They are absolutely beautiful.
We wanted to THANK YOU again.

Thank you so much for coming to our 311 memorial at McCarren park.

We were so moved and truly touched by your warm thoughts and messages to our country, Japan. 

A year ago, 10 days after the earthquake hit Japan – we gathered this park and started to make origami tsuru. We were filled with sadness and loss and couldn’t do anything, but just to make origami tsuru together with praying for our families and homeland. That was our start, Tsuru Project. 

This year, 3.11, was filled with everlasting love, smile and hope.  Thank you, thank you very much for thinking of Japan and your messages. We are sending these messages to our country, and we will continue to keep sending our wishes and love.

LOVE, Tsuru Project


3.11.2012 One Year Memorial

March 13, 2012

2012年3月11日 日曜日



1年前と同じ公園のベンチに、  久しぶりの鶴姫大集合



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1年目の祈りを込めた鶴を ニューヨーカーと一緒に折って

















鶴プロジェクト NY 鶴姫一同より

TSURU Project – One Year After 3.11

March 4, 2012

One Year After 3.11

It has been almost a year since the great earthquake and tsunami struck Japan.
Tsuru Project will gather again at McCarren park on March 11, a year after Japan’s earthquake, to make origami crane to send our prayers to our country.
Please come and join us to make tsuru for the first anniversary memorial for Japan.
We also would like to send our gratitude to everyone who has supported Japan from New York and all over the world.

Tsuru Project

On March 20, 2011, we gathered at McCarren Park,and made origami cranes for the first time for Japan,
sending our love and hopes to our home country.

And this year we will be back at the same park!

Sunday March 11, 2012
from 1 pm to 4 pm
McCarren Park, Brooklyn
on Bedford Avenue side, between North12th St. and Lorimer St. ::: map

In case of rain: we’ll gather at  232 Bedford Ave. Brooklyn (bet.N.5th and N.4th St)

Viewing of tsuru at Gg Gallery

October 21, 2011

On 22nd of October, we will be viewing/selling our tsuru decoration at
{Gg Gallery} in Greenpoint Brooklyn!

There will be an art exhibition by Kiyomitsu Saitou at front part of the gallery! His work is very humorous and make you laugh!

Please come visit us for good smiles, and to send love and hope to Japan 🙂

Saturday, Oct. 22nd: 6pm-8pm
Sunday, Oct. 30th: 3pm-6pm
at {Gg Gallery}
119 India Street
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
(Indian Street + between Manhattan Ave. and  Franklin Street)
G train at Greenpoint Ave

Pictures from Tanabata Festival in New York!

September 5, 2011

On Aug 6th, we finally had our Tanabata Festival in New York at Tenri Gallery!
The event was great success and we are very pleased with turn out. We raised over $1000 to donate to Tenri Gallery, Ashinaga  organization, and Mazenda Organization. Most importantly, we were happy that we were able to raise awareness to people about situation in Japan and of course the beauty of our culture.

Here are the pictures from the event!

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Also one of our Tsuru member’s friend blogged about our event!

Thank you very much for those who came to our event.
Please keep checking back on us since we will have some event periodically.

Pictures from Mobile Exhibition in Okayama Japan

August 12, 2011

Recently, we received the pictures from the Mobile Show in Okayama!
It looks like our Tsuru is doing great job representing us and sending good wish for Japan 🙂

Our mobile picture is also in a newspaper in Japan!

oh~ how we wish we could be there!

Little peek for TANABTA Festival

August 4, 2011

Here is the peek of what we r making for Tanabata Festival in New York!
All the tsuru made by sooo many people! So beautiful!
Please come and take a look this sat!







Tanabata Festival

August 3, 2011

Hello everybody!
Please come to our Tanabata Festival event this Saturday!
We have been planning and working for this event for months.
Looking forward seeing you!

Tanabata Festival in New York

The TSURU Project brings a Japanese star festival to New York City to send wishes to people in Japan

August 6th, Saturday
3 pm – 7 pm
at Tenri Cultural Institute,
43A West 13th Street,
New York, NY 10011

A very special one day event showcasing more than 3,000 colorful origami cranes in large ornaments, participatory workshops for origami cranes and tanzaku, thin paper strips for writing wishes to decorate bamboo branches, and live music performances by Japanese musicians.

The large ornaments will be on view and each string will be sold at suggested donation from $20 during a festival. Donation box will also be available. All the proceeds will go to Ashinaga’s “Rainbow House Fund,” Mazenda Fukushima Children’s Fund, and Tenri Cultural Institute’s “Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.” Only cash can be accepted.

**This is a free event and open to public.

Tsuru in mailbox

August 2, 2011

It is really exciting to see tsuru sent by people in our mailbox!
Some are from friends from Tokyo and Hawaii. One of our Tsuru member is in Hawaii now and she has been spreading words about us and even having Tsuru workshop there!
Another wonderful thing is that somebody found us online and sent us 1000 cranes they used for their wedding:) They are really beautiful and neatly connected with string and beads.

It will all be part of our Tanabata event this Saturday!